Travel Update Time: The Healing Traveler


Jezreel Valley

Within four months I shall be on five airplanes:

One to Turkey. One to Phoenix, Arizona. One to Indonesia. Two to home. Technically the one to Indonesia will not be a non-stop flight, but who’s counting?

It’s excitingly overwhelming (in a good way) to think about all these trips, adventures, engagements, how ever you call them, that will be happening very soon. I graduate in less than a week, and then three days later we will be over the Mediterranean, some for the second time, some for the twentieth time, or even the first time.

But I must make sure of something: to not be the typical tourist who sees everything through the lens of the camera. I want to experience Turkey through my own eyes, using all my senses to involve myself in the culture, the people, and growing closer to my professors and classmates.

Cameras seem to inhibit the eye to see these places as people’s homes, their livelihood, where they grew up. Instead they are places to be captured on a 4GB memory card, and then plastered on Facebook (warning: the former statement was a generalization, as Elie Wiesel once said, “All collective judgements are wrong.” But I am attempting to make a point, thank you!).

The healing traveler. To see places, to experience places: to see culture, to experience culture: to see people, to experience people.