Location: Iris Otel and Kusadasi


Chora Church, Icon of the Madonna

Date: 5/5/2013
Location: Canakkale

Hello! Yesterday we went to the Chora Church now museum by the Istanbul tram and foot. After that we went to lunch by the seaport for fish sandwiches, then to the bazaar (the spice and grand). Overall it was an eventful day, and at then end I slept all night without waking once! Woohoo.
Today we went around the Gallipoli Peninsula looking at war memorials of the Turkish and Australian soldiers from World War I. Afterward we went to the Asian side of Turkey.

Ephesus 2013

Ephesus, road to pagan temple

Date: 5/7/2013
Location: Kusadasi

So much has occurred over the past few days. Yesterday we visited Troy, which was interesting — a city where legend says something about ancient battles of beautiful women, blood lust, and violence. Maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t, but it was neat to see the ancient places where legend thrives.
Thus far I have been asked if I am Turkish and speak Spanish. That is possibly why I am not hassled as much. But if you have blue eyes, blonde or red hair, or “non-Turkish” looks you are not necessarily idolized, but people are attracted to the differences in appearance. Therefore I am not sorry for looking Turkish because it makes for easier travel. Hah.
Anyway, in the bazaar, I see all these Turkish men flirt with foreign women, I must ask: what does that look like? For their wives, for their kids, their neighbors, girlfriends, friends. I’m not entirely impressed by their “forwardness.” Eh.
Well anyway, Empire and Kingdom — what does that mean? Today we looked at Ephesus, the Basilica, and the remains of Artemis’ temple. All of them holding on to some form of power to those around it. Even the Basilica was surrounded by a mosque, and Artemis’ temple. Perhaps another thing, but I do not remember.
What does that mean? All those places sharing the same space? Did those people get along? Share meals together? Brushed shoulders? It’s interesting that we keep coming back to the power of religion: how the empire controls religion or the power of religion controls the empire.
Wherever you may go — the religion will coexist with the secular. Some higher power with in the boundaries of empire.

Artemis' Temple 2013

outside Artemis’ Temple