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Location: Iris Otel and Kusadasi

Date: 5/5/2013 Location: Canakkale Hello! Yesterday we went to the Chora Church now museum by the Istanbul tram and foot. After that we went to lunch by the seaport for fish sandwiches, then to… Continue reading

Istanbul: Empire & Religion

Photograph: two men finished cleaning the fallen flower petals at the Topkapi Palace. Minor editing applied to photo. Date: 5/3/2013 Place: Istanbul, Turkey Today we saw the Topkapi Palace (topkapi meaning “castle with cannons”), Hagia Sophia,… Continue reading

Travel Update Time: The Healing Traveler

Within four months I shall be on five airplanes: One to Turkey. One to Phoenix, Arizona. One to Indonesia. Two to home. Technically the one to Indonesia will not be a non-stop flight,… Continue reading